Breach Response for Colleges

Breach Response for Colleges & Universities


Dedicated Breach Response Programs to Support All Parties Impacted in a Higher Education Institution Cyber Incident

Higher education institutions are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals hoping to take advantage of the large amounts of personal and business data they hold and typically less stringent cybersecurity protocols they have in place. Recent hacks have left thousands of students, faculty members, alumni and third-party vendors at risk, making it more important than ever for colleges and universities to have robust breach response plans in place.

Our comprehensive personal identity monitoring solutions include ID Agent Cyber Monitoring, social media monitoring, as well as full-service restoration to address the needs of all parties impacted when an institution is hit by a cyber attack.

language-lab-181083_960_720ID Agent can activate a breach response plan immediately, catered to your insitution’s specific needs. We monitor compromised data, detect any misuse, protect the identities your students, faculty, alumni, and help restore their identities if identity theft takes place.

ID Agent solutions provide:

  • Immediate response to any potential data breach
  • Monitoring options for incidents when protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is involved
  • Branded turn-key breach portal priced on a per enrollment basis

Key Services:

  • ID Agent Identity Monitoring
  • Pre-Breach Planning
  • Breach Program Management
  • Online and Phone Enrollment Services
  • Call Center Management

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