Stolen Customer Data Monitoring - ID Agent


Protect Customers from Account Takeovers and Fraud

ID Agents’ Automated Monitoring Platform detects stolen customer credentials and seamlessly implements security countermeasures to proactively mitigate fraudulent activities.

The volume of 3rd party data breaches is making the protection of customer data and access to customer accounts increasingly more difficult. From website scripting, to slow and low attacks and social engineering, malicious individuals are becoming more sophisticated in how they leverage compromised stolen credentials to gain access to your customer’s accounts to commit fraud.

ID Agent automates the detection of compromised data to help you quickly identify which customer accounts are most susceptible to compromise and automate security countermeasures.

Real-time Notifications: Specify who should be notified and how often the notifications should be sent when an alert is received.

Automated Account Resets:  Protect your customer’s accounts by automatically resetting passwords or disabling accounts when a compromise is detected.

Automated Risk Identification and Management:  Simplified configuration tool allows security to capture, assess, and discreetly act on compromised data.

Threat Intelligence & Reporting:  Sophisticated reporting tools categorize threats and the identified source.

Simplified Access to Multiple Data Sources: Easily connect to multiple user-defined data sources through a single interface.


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