Cyber Security Risk Analysis

The ID Agent team can conduct a cyber Security Risk analysis based on defined search criteria to help you better determine your overall cyber threat level. we’ll pinpoint your weakest areas and determine if your data has been compromised. You’ll be able to meet industry and regulatory standards while arming yourself with the data you need to stop an attack.

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Why is a Security Threat Assessment Necessary?

cyber threat analysis

Nearly a million new malware samples are created each day. As threats rise, organizations are deploying more and more resources to counter cyber attacks. But many of them fail to understand that cyber security must extend beyond your critical servers.

At ID Agent, we offer comprehensive information security risk analyses. We’ll help you identify network vulnerabilities and third-party risks, then help you craft a security plan that’ll bolster your network and stop a data breach right in it’s tracks.

Our Process

ID Agent’s information security risk assessment team has years of knowledge and experience in data breach protection. With a combination of human and artificial intelligence, we can paint a clear picture of your organization’s risk. From a federal compliance report to a ready-made action plan, you’ll get a full analysis of your security strengths and weaknesses. Our full cyber threat analysis include:

  • A full report of your current compromised credentials and IP addresses on the Dark Web
  • Market requirements and regulatory obligations
  • Organization and industry benchmarking
  • Comprehensive risk analysis including Supply Chain and partner organizations
  • Recommended actions to mitigate risk

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