Healthcare Ransomware Realities

An inside look at email vulnerabilities & state-of-the-art cloud backup & recovery solutions.

Date & Time: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Event details: Kevin Lancaster, ID Agent’s CEO will be participating in a webinar to discuss how ransomware targets healthcare network security, the technology that can be implemented to make it harder for attackers, and what the best practices are for healthcare professionals to minimize personal data and monetary loss. He will be exploring common misconceptions as well as security holes. This event is also an opportunity to discuss the 2016 email account vulnerability study and to compare different cyber-attack response methods. Cloud-based security will be examined as well as ransomware attack case studies.

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Cybersecurity Contract Requirements & Controls: Navigating the New FAR & DFARS Regulations

NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association) hosts program to provide prime contractors and subcontractors the tools needed to prepare for cybersecurity throughout the supply chain.

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 (8 am – 4 pm)

Event details: Kevin Lancaster, Winvale and ID Agent CEO will be speaking about managing Cyber-Defensive Technology. He believes that it is important for companies to create a proactive environment for businesses to insure security. This all-day event is an opportunity to gain insight into the latest information in cyber security requirements for federal contractors under the Federal Acquisitions Regulation and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. Kevin looks forward to connecting, while you learn about the latest ways to provide security to your infrastructure and maintain compliance in the government contracting space.

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