Financial Fraud Detection


Detect & Mitigate Account Takeovers and Fraud Before it Happens

Financial, e-commerce and government organizations are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals as they can maintain huge databases of credit cards, emails, social security numbers and other employee and other customer PII for exploit.

To help fraud, compliance and security teams meet this challenge head on, we’ve developed an automated fraud detection and prevention platform that proactively identifies stolen/ compromised data and mitigates account takeovers and fraud before they can occur.


Detect & Mitigate Fraud Early

Each year, data breaches are costing financial institutions billions. They trigger investigations, cause customer attrition and damage your reputation. It’s why firms are always looking for solutions to enhance their prevention systems. To better protect your organization, you must focus on detection and response automation.

We provide real-time stolen/ compromised data monitoring that alerts your team the moment we discover your financial, employee or customer data for sale or exploit. Our automated platform allows you to quickly detect and identify what data and associated employee and/or customer accounts are at risk and set up automated incident response workflows to prevent further damage from occurring.

How Our Fraud Detection Works

Delivered on premise, via secure SaaS application or as a managed service, our platform seamlessly integrates into your existing fraud detection and threat monitoring programs. Our platform provides:

  • Automated Risk Identification and Management: Simplified configuration tool allows entities to capture, assess, and act on compromised data associated with a limitless number of data elements.
  • Risk Assessment: Determine the threat level of compromised data by comparing it to customer data repositories, CRM, Ecommerce platforms, and more.
  • Threat Intelligence:  Sophisticated reporting tools categorize threats and the identified source.
  • Real-time Notifications: Specify who internally should be notified and how often the notifications should be sent when an alert is received.
  • Automated Account Resets: Protect your customers and mitigate fraud by automatically resetting passwords or disabling accounts when a compromise is detected.
  • Corporate Security Profile: Securely interface with internal systems to report on trends and risks based on non-attributable demographic data.
  • Simplified Access to Multiple Data Sources: Easily connect to multiple user-defined data sources through a single interface.

Data hacks on banks, e-commerce platforms and merchants are never going to stop. It’s time to team up with a security vendor that’ll give you actionable intelligence.

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