Government Contractors

Government contractors of all sizes are increasingly targeted because of their relationship with government employees, programs, systems and data. Hackers understand that federal contractors often maintain access to non-public networks, classified information, national security directives, sensitive details on the nation’s critical infrastructure, intellectual property and personal information on public officials and U.S. citizens.

ID Agent can help government contractors keep their networks secure, protecting company and government assets.

ID Agent solutions can help government contractors:


  • Meet Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements on current and new contracts
  • Protect internal records and proprietary company information
  • Defend against immediate cyber threats by shared situational awareness
  • Act quickly to reduce current vulnerabilities and prevent further data intrusion
  • Understand how your organization stacks up against your peers and competitors.
  • Monitor your supply chain comprised of teaming partners, associates, sub or prime contractors, channel partners, vendors, agents or affiliated entities