Healthcare Data Breach


Better Protect Patient Medical Records and Prevent a Major Breach

Hospitals and healthcare providers are being targeted by hackers for the sensitive patient medical information they hold. Even more attractive to malicious actors is that stolen healthcare data, or Protected Health Information (PHI), is priced at a premium as it’s traded on the Dark Web. According to a recent study by HIMSS Analytics, the number of healthcare cyber attacks over the past five years has increased 125% as organizations typically have several points of vulnerability they are not even aware of.

hospital data breachMedical facilities are home to a plethora of electronic records that includes prescription information, Social Security numbers and home addresses and other sensitive patient information. ID Agent can provide healthcare organizations with the specialized real-time threat monitoring to protect the credentials needed to access your patients’ personal medical information. Additionally. our comprehensive identity and credit monitoring and protection services can be quickly and easily deployed in the case your organization is the victim of a cyber attack.

ID Agent can help you:

  • Better combat and defend against malware, ransomware and phishing attacks and other types of hacks
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and avoid costly violation fines
  • Easily manage healthcare IT system security
  • Prevent a major data breach and leaking of PHI
  • Better protect sensitive patient medical information
  • Benchmark your current cybersecurity posture and take appropriate action to further safeguard assets
  • Provide appropriate breach response in the case of data exposure


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