Stolen Credential Monitoring

Threat Detection Product

Protect Your Employees & Customers from Account Takeover & Fraud

Organizations around the globe count on Dark Web ID to provide them with the most comprehensive stolen credential monitoring – in real time. Government agencies, NPOs and globally recognized consumer brands rely on us to protect 10s of thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of customers, every day.

From the US Office of Personnel Management to boutique security providers, we have you covered!

There are billions stolen passwords floating around on the dark web. Every second a stolen credential sits exposed, your risk of a employee or customer data breach grows. But with ID Agent, you can get the information you need to take action before disaster strikes. Our automated stolen credential monitoring system alerts you as soon as your data hits the dark web and locks all compromised accounts.

Most IT & Security teams have limited visibility into insider threats, malicious targeting, and third-party data breaches of stolen credentials. They have a hard time determining what data is “actionable” and how it should be used in response to a breach. At ID Agent, we’ll proactively identify, monitor and validate threats to your organization – in real time.

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Quickly Cut Through The Noise

Dark Web ID combines human intelligence with sophisticated dark web intelligence software and integrates into your existing security systems.  Eliminate false positives and focus in on data that actually impacts your employees and the customers you serve.

Delivered on premise, via secure SaaS application or as a managed service:

  • Match compromised/stolen credentials to your organization’s internal data securely behind your firewall, limiting any exposure to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Search through billions stolen records to prevent account takeovers
  • Consolidate information from an unlimited supply of data sources and present data in a simple web interface for analysis, decision making and reporting.
  • Eliminate the need for large and expensive data warehousing ETL teams comprised of business analysts and/or developers.
  • Leverage an end-to-end web accessible solution which allows non-technical resources to manage the entirety of the data warehouse.

When it comes to stolen data, time is your biggest enemy. Each second your data is exposed, the chances of a costly data breach only go up. But with ID Agent, you’ll receive real-time alerts when your data is compromised, giving you the power to stop a data breach right in its tracks.

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