Supply Chain Cyber Security Risk Assessments & Monitoring

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Analysis

Comprehensive Supply Chain Vulnerability and Risk Analysis

Cyber Threat Detection DashboardYour supply chain poses the biggest risk of a data breach to your organization. After all, you’re passing along sensitive information to various vendors. Many of whom are several tiers removed from your organization. That’s why it’s important to identify and monitor network vulnerabilities in your supply chain. With ID Agent, our supply chain cyber security team will pinpoint the vendors that are threatening your company.

Many organizations have no trouble managing risk internally. But most tend to struggle managing risk across thousands of suppliers. At ID Agent, we’ll give you the insights needed to build effective cybersecurity requirements within your vendor management program. You’ll then be able to take action before disaster strikes.

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Why a Supply Chain Risk Assessment is Necessary

Supply chain disruptions cost organizations millions. Besides lost revenue, they can damage your reputation and lead to a loss of intellectual property. It’s why many firms are looking for solutions to bolster their supply chain security. But before you can take action, you need to know your vulnerabilities.

With ID Agent, you’ll get a comprehensive look into your supply chain’s network. Our automated system identifies exposure points and vendors who are vulnerable to an attack. We’ll then assist you in putting the proper security controls in place.

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Start Managing Third-Party Risk & Exposure

We identify and understand potential supply chain risk through our Dark Web ID monitoring platform. With a combination of human and artificial intelligence, it pinpoints vulnerabilities in your supply chain.

Dark Web ID seamlessly integrates into your existing supply security program and supports all federal regulations and risk frameworks. Once active, our risk analysis platform automatically:

  • Provides threat indicators that can correlate with information provided from other internal and external sources to indicated potential exposure points.
  • Classifies and monitors the companies that are most vulnerable to security incidents within your Supply Chain.
  • Enforces security controls with which your supply chain must demonstrate compliance
  • Benchmarks organizations against peers with LEMMA Supply Chain Index™

Your sensitive information flows from network to network down the supply chain, making it ripe for a data breach. Now’s the time to take action and stop criminals in their tracks. ID Agent’s supply chain cyber security assessment can help you fortify your supply chain security.

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