Category: Third Party Risk

Microsoft Hack Draws New Attention to Third-Party Risk

by Matt Solomon

Microsoft hack starring Chinese nation-state hackers brings trouble that can damage busi9nesses for months. here are some quick, effective mitigations.

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IoT cybersecurity risk

Is Biden’s Peloton Bike an IoT Cybersecurity Risk?

by Jeremy Malin

President Biden may be bringing an IoT cybersecurity risk to the White House: his Peloton bike. Here's how to handle similar threats.

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records on the dark web represented by hackers with big hats and laptops in a cartoon style

Hackers Leaked 22 Million Records on the Dark Web in 2020

by Amelia Paro

Hackers leaked over 22 million records on the Dark Web in 2020, putting your business in danger of cyberattacks. Here's how to mitigate it.

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supply chain risk represented by a handshake overlaid with an image of a chain in green on a black background.

Federal Hack Shows Supply Chain Risk Danger

by ID Agent

Every organization is in danger of cybersecurity disaster from supply chain risk. Make these moves to mitigate it quickly & cost-effectively.

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student data breach danger represented by a computer screen reading elearning

Student Data Breach Danger Also Impacts Businesses

by ID Agent

Student data breach danger is growing. So how does a breach like that impact your business? Here are 3 major hazards, and 3 ways to eliminate them.

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third party data breach represented by a burglar reaching through several computer screens to steal data.

How Dangerous is a Third Party Data Breach in 2020?

by ID Agent

Companies can control their own cybersecurity, but not a business partner's. How dangerous is a third party data breach?

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