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We publish new posts every weekday featuring cybersecurity news, threat analysis, expert analysis, and simple, cost-effective solutions to help you prepare for the threats of tomorrow. BOOKMARK IT>>


It’s National Preparedness Month. While you’re updating your Home Disaster Preparedness Plan, you should update your Cybersecurity Disaster Preparedness Plan too. Every Thursday, we’ll be featuring advice and solutions to help you prepare for cybersecurity disasters, including:


Nation-State Hackers and Shadowy Groups Are Ramping Up Their Attacks on Targets in Every Sector – But You Can Quickly Boost Your Defense (at a Great Price!)

Nation-state hackers have been making headlines in 2020 with bold, damaging hacks on entities around the world, in every industry from huge government agencies to small private firms. They’re not always after data or secrets either – for some of these nebulous groups, their attacks are successful if they cause disruption and make the news.

Here are a few of the latest troubling examples of nation-state and shadow hackers going after a variety of targets:

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Nation-state sponsored cybercriminals have got your business in their sights. How can you protect your systems and data?


Take a few simple but powerful actions to throw up roadblocks that are extremely effective against the most common routes of attack that nation-state hackers will take:

Protect your systems and data from phishing.

85% of cyberattacks today contain a phishing component. The absolute first thing on your list should be protecting your business from phishing, and we’re here to help, with a powerful 1 -2 punch against today’s biggest threat. BullPhish ID trains employees to become your best line of defense against phishing instead of your biggest risk, Follow that up with strong automated phishing protection from Graphus with a smart AI that never stops learning to put 3 layers of protection between phishing and your business. SEE VIDEO DEMOS OF BULLPHISH ID & GRAPHUS>>

Protect your systems from credential stuffing.

80% of data breaches last year were caused by password compromise. Start using a secure identity and access management solution immediately. Passly packs all of the tools that you need in one cost-effective package. not only get multifactor authentication and single-sign-on, but you also get secure password vaults and easy remote management allowing IT teams to act to prevent intrusions anytime, anywhere. SEE A VIDEO DEMO OF PASSLY>>

Protect your back by watching for Dark Web threats.

60% of the information on the Dark Web can harm businesses. Today’s Dark Web is more dangerous than ever before – and world economic challenges are only making data brokers and bad actors hungrier for information, from logins to research data. Dark Web ID enables you to keep an eye on Dark Web threats to your business from compromised credentials, enabling you to close security gaps fast. SEE A VIDEO DEMO OF DARK WEB ID>>


biggest ransomware attacks of 2020 represented by the word ransomware on a red background with bitcoins and a lock

Learn More About Ransomware to Learn to Defend Your Business

Ask any cybersecurity professional what keeps them up at night, and ransomware is sure to top the list. One of today’s thorniest cybersecurity threats, ransomware seems hard to grasp because it’s hard to pin down – but ransomware can not only impact your busiess, it can destroy it.

We’re here to help. Ransomware 101 gives you a clear, precise view of ransomware threats and how to fight back against them including:

  • A clear, simple explanation of how ransomware works, the ransomware lifecycle, and how ransomware infects your systems 
  • Lots of information served in bite-sized pieces, backed up with hard data
  • Easy steps that you can take to protect your data and systems from ransomware

Read Ransomware 101 to learn everything you need to know about ransomware and how to stop it. DOWNLOAD RANSOMWARE 101>>

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