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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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Insider Threats Leap Into the Spotlight with a Brazen Example of Malicious Insider Chaos

No company wants to think that one of their staffers may be trying to harm the business instead of help it, but that’s frequently the case, especially in tumultuous times like these. While the vast majority of insider threats are from well -meaning but incautious employees, 23% of insider threat incidents are the result of deliberate, malicious acts – as Shopify discovered to their horror this month.

As we reported in The Week in Breach, Shopify recently experienced a malicious insider security incident in which two support team employees were involved in a scheme to steal customer transaction records from specific merchants. While only about 20 shops were affected, several high-profile merchants were targeted, including influencer Kylie Jenner’s high-profile line Kylie Cosmetics.

The data exposed includes client details like email, name, and street address, as well as order details, but did not involve complete payment card numbers or financial information. The data was acquired by the rogue staffers around September 15th. Both employees were terminated and an investigation is ongoing.

Insider incidents like this are becoming more frequent in the remote work era as companies overlook sloppy security practices, rely on more unsanctioned cloud applications, and employ less stringent data access policies following the great work from home rush in the wake of COVID-19. Many companies haven’t sufficiently beefed up security to account for no longer having the native protections that are in place in their offices.

A challenging economy is also a contributing factor. With booming Dark web data markets and big unemployment numbers world wide and widespread fear over more economic calamity if the pandemic continues, many workers are looking to make a quick buck any way they can, and sometimes that means selling you out.

Selling data like this isn’t the only thing that staffers are turning to for profit – cybercrime as a service is a hot category. You don’t have to be a skilled hacker to make money from cybercrime either. Systems access, passwords, research and blueprints, data transference, or money laundering are also in-demand skills that your staff could be selling.

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The Threat

Malicious insider threats can put your company’s data and reputation at risk as well as cost you a fortune, and you need to find potential rogue employees before they strike.

Stop It

Take sensible precautions to protect your business from insider threats and put early warning tools in place so that you can spot and stop threats like this before they wreak havoc on your business.

  • Download our resource package “Stop Insider Threats” and learn to spot red flags with our our “6 Things You Need to Know About Insider Threats” whitepaper and “Combatting Insider Threats” eBook
  • Put strong controls on your points of entry in place with secure identity and access management. Watch this video that shows how Passly helps you make sure that the right people have access to the right things ( and only the right people at the right levels quickly and easily.
  • Keep an eye on the Dark Web to stay ready for trouble and be on the lookout for your company’s stolen or leaked credentials. See Dark Web ID in action to learn more about how it increases your security by alerting you to threats like potentially compromised credentials.


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