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What’s on our cybersecurity radar this week? Ransomware, third-party risk, outbound data breach threats, and more!

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Unexpected Malicious Insider Threats Pack a Punch

When we consider insider threats, they’re pretty easily sorted into two categories: malicious and unintentional. While data breaches and other cybersecurity issues are significantly more likely to be caused by unintentional acts like falling for a phishing email or sending someone the wrong file, malicious insider threats can be a little more complicated – and some can be very unexpected.

It seems logical to assume that malicious insiders are people who seek employment with your company to steal data or commit sabotage, maybe even cybercriminals looking for easy ways to facilitate their schemes. Sometimes, these bad actors are using your business to facilitate cybercrime-related activity that might fly a little more under the radar like business email compromise scams or data laundering. But malicious insider threats go a step further than that when you look at the slipperiest kind: formerly loyal employees who suddenly turn on the company.

Unmasking Undercover Risks

These are the most heartbreaking and damaging malicious insiders. Not only will these folks cause your business material damage, but they’ll also cause less quantifiable damage to you and your team. Keeping an eye out for threats like this isn’t fun, but it’s necessary. Here are a few scenarios that describe the kind of situations that can quickly spawn unexpected malicious insider threats.

  • A higher-level position opens up. A longtime staffer really wants it, but you don’t think they’re right for the job, so you hire a new employee. Unfortunately, your longtime staffer is now upset and angry, so he decides to steal records to sell to your rival.
  • A trusted employee has a secret gambling problem. She’s not disgruntled about the company or her job, but she needs money fast to support her habit and knows that selling her password to your database on the Dark Web will net her a pretty penny.
  • After a dispute over performance, one of your sales staff turns in their notice. That employee is hurt and angry that you’re not giving them the money that they think they deserve, so they plant malware in your systems on their last day to cause business disruption.
  • In this real-life example, a privileged employee who was responsible for servicing staff laptops used that access as an opportunity to steal personal and financial information from other employees including nude photos, passwords for social media, pictures of credit cards, driver’s licenses, and sensitive documents.

Watching out for these types of threats is an ongoing battle, but we can provide you with some weapons to help you spot and stop them.

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The Threat

What can I do to protect my business from damage caused by suddenly malicious insiders?

Stop It

By using some of the features in these solutions, you can detect malicious insiders more quickly and protect your company from damage effectively.


Secure identity and access management is your best friend in this situation because it provides you with multiple ways to detect and limit the damage.

  • If someone’s selling their password, multifactor authentication makes that password useless without identity confirmation with a separate code or token.
  • Single sign-on LaunchPads allow you greater control over your access points, making it easy to see exactly who is accessing applications and data and what they’re doing to keep an eye out for unexpected activity.
  • Simple remote management means that you have the freedom to easily add and remove permissions through LaunchPad, enabling you to quickly isolate a compromised LaunchPad or revoke access permissions as needed in a flash
  • Secure shared password vaults put an extra layer of protection between your company’s most sensitive passwords for systems like servers and the average user so that one compromised password isn’t the key to the whole kingdom.
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Ransomware has been the big cybersecurity villain in 2020. This nasty offshoot of phishing can pack a big punch, leading to everything from production shutdowns to data loss. But we’re here to help with these resources to help secure your systems and data against ransomware.

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  • Get quick facts and statistics about ransomware threats on our Top 10 Ransomware Facts List. SEE THE LIST>>
  • Ransomware is the poisoned cargo that comes with a phishing attack. Go inside the anatomy of a phishing attack and how to defend against it in this webinar “Phishing Confidential: Offensive and Defensive Playbooks of a Phishing Attack”. WATCH THIS WEBINAR>>

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