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What’s on our cybersecurity radar this week? Ransomware, third-party risk, outbound data breach threats, and more!

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Fake News Can Do Real Damage to Your Business

There have been unexpected twists and turns around every corner of this tumultuous year. From natural disasters to COVID-19, the 2020 news cycles have been packed with fast-developing stories and breaking news that was essential for everyone. A lot more people were following news and events than usually do – creating a lot more opportunities for cybercriminals to pounce, and they’ve been taking advantage of it.

The weaponization of topical events came in at number 4 on a recent list of ransomware trends in 2020 for a good reason. All of those people feeling isolated and looking for news in the midst of chaotic and frightening events were perfect targets for phishing attacks rife with ransomware. Cybercriminals went the extra mile to capitalize on fake COVID-19 spread maps, WHO notices, government stimulus check messages and all sorts of pandemic-related scams.

They weren’t wasting their time either. With Google reporting a more than 600% increase in phishing emails, rocketing COVID-19 to the top of their list as the biggest phishing topic ever, cybercriminals were liberally chumming the waters for likely bites on their ransomware lures. A sudden, dramatic rise in unsettled employees unfamiliar with remote work created a golden opportunity for cybercrime since remote workers are more likely to fall for a phishing email trap.

And cybercriminals reaped a bountiful harvest of data and cash. In Q2 2020 alone, ransomware attacks increased by more than 30% worldwide according to IBM, with a huge increase of more than 140% against US-based targets. Two in five SMBs were impacted by ransomware this year. By this time next year, ransomware is expected to top $20 billion in damage, with a new ransomware attack launched every 11 seconds.

If you weren’t hit with a ransomware attack this year, count yourself lucky. More than 80% of businesses worldwide saw an uptick in cyberattacks. But don’t think it can’t happen to you. If you were hit by a ransomware attack, you know just how devastating it can be to your business – and how quickly cybercriminals can find their way into your systems and data. Don’t wait for a ransomware disaster to knock on your door before getting the solutions in place that can protect your business. Let the experts at ID Agent help you get the right protection in place now at a great price!

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The Threat

What can I do to protect my business from ransomware threats tied to major world events?

Stop It

Give ransomware the old 1 -2 punch with two powerful solutions that team up to save your systems and data from disasters in the long and short term, saving you money any way you slice it.


Secure identity and access management is essential for adding extra protection to your systems and data to guard against cybercriminal incursions and compromised passwords that can result from phishing attacks bearing ransomware. Passly is the ideal solution for every business, featuring all the best access management tools in one affordable package.

  • Multifactor Authentication makes a stolen password useless without identity confirmation with a separate code or token.
  • Single Sign-On LaunchPads enable IT staffers to quickly isolate and remove access permissions from a compromised account.
  • Secure Shared Password Vaults protect your most essential passwords for servers and administration accounts from unwelcome visitors
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The most common tool in cybercrime is a simple phishing email. More than 60% of ransomware attacks arrive via phishing. This year’s phishing boom was disastrous for businesses, especially since more than 90% of cyberattacks that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. Let us help you reduce your chances of a cybersecurity disaster by up to 70% with regular, up-to-date phishing resistance training using BullPhish ID.

  • Over 80 plug-and-play phishing campaign simulation kits are available now, with 4 new kits added every month
  • Threat education uses engaging video lessons that present threat scenarios in bite-sized pieces, including COVID-19 threats
  • Training is available in 8 languages, with online quizzes to measure retention and see who needs more help.
  • Contact the experts at ID Agent today to get started transforming your biggest attack surface into your biggest defensive asset: your employees.

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