remote work phishing threats

by Kevin Lancaster

Even Now That the World is Less Chaotic, Remote Work Phishing Threats Are Still Booming

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so we’ll be looking at 2020’s cybercrime landscape and how to protect your business. This year, bad actors took advantage of the public’s desire for new information about COVID-19, a mountain of Dark Web data, and the sudden shift to remote work to unleash a flood of phishing email designed to ensnare the unwary – and remote work phishing threats are only getting worse.

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COVID-19 and Remote Workers Made 2020 a Banner Year for Phishing

Remote work opened up a new landscape of challenges for businesses, and many weren’t prepared for the onslaught of risks and vulnerabilities that come with supporting a remote workforce. COVID-19 threats only compounded an already dangerous situation. More than 55% of remote workers rely on email as their primary form of communication with their coworkers, but less than 55% of companies engage in regular phishing resistance training.

60% of organizations believe it’s inevitable that they’ll fall victim to an email-based attack over the course of the next year.

Remote Work is Sticking Around for the Long Haul

Unfortunately, the reliance on email as a primary form of communication for remote workers combines with pandemic stress equated to a loss of email security. Over 50% of remote workers surveyed in a recent report said they were more error-prone while stressed, while more than 40% said they made more mistakes when they were tired or distracted. Altogether 43% of the workers surveyed reported that they had made mistakes resulting in cybersecurity repercussions for themselves or their company while working remotely.

Training Shouldn’t Stop Because Workers Aren’t in the Office

You don’t need to have everyone in the same place to conduct effective training – and security awareness training like phishing resistance courses is especially essential when COVID-19 has greatly accelerated threats. Security awareness training can reduce your company’s chance of a cybersecurity disaster by up to 70%. Choose a phishing resistance training solution that offers simple remote management and get started on reducing your risk immediately.

BullPhish ID is the right solution for the job. Equally suited to remote or in-office training, this dynamic solution includes plug-and-play phishing simulation kits that include engaging videos and online testing at a price you’ll love. Plus, we add new training materials monthly, like kits to raise awareness about COVID-19 threats – more than 100 kits are available now, and we add 4 more every month.

Simple, Cost-Effective Protection That Works

Don’t get caught up in this phishing tsunami. Phishing threats are definitely not going away anytime soon, and phishing-related cybercrime is only evolving to become more dangerous. Contact our experts today to get the tools you need to defend your organization against cybercrime.

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