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The Week In Breach
July 22, 2020

The Week in Breach 07/15/20 – 07/21/20

This week in cybersecurity news, get details about the big Twitter breach caused by a tiny problem, ransomware and insider threats run rampant, and download our new webinar featuring 5 steps to success for MSPs!

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July 15, 2020

The Week in Breach 07/08/20 – 07/14/20

This week in cybersecurity news, a gambling app loses their risky security bet, Canada’s military battles ransomware, and our new eBook to transform you from a mild-mannered MSPs to a marketing superhero!

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new data breach record 2020
July 14, 2020

Don’t Be Part of the New Data Breach Record 2020

These 2 solutions can help businesses avoid helping cybercriminals set a new Data Breach Record 2020.

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July 08, 2020

The Week in Breach 07/01/20 – 07/07/20

This week in cybersecurity news, ransomware seems to be taking over the world, unsecured databases cause big issues, and our new eBook with 10 fresh tips to grow your MSP is here!

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phishing awareness represented by a lady with a cellphone showing a suspicious message
July 07, 2020

Phishing Awareness Isn’t Just an Email Problem

Phishing by SMS text and messaging is growing more prominent – and more problematic. Learn how it can bypass your cybersecurity to cause major threats to data and systems and how to fight back.

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healthcare dtata breaches rise represented by a burglar vacuuming up data
July 06, 2020

What’s Behind the Huge Rise in Healthcare Data Breaches?

A major increase in healthcare data breaches in 2020 can be traced to one common factor – and we can help defend against it.

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cybersecurity news represented by a blue bird wearing a burglar mak to illustrate a Twitter data breach.
July 01, 2020

The Week in Breach 06/24/20 – 06/30/20

This week in cybersecurity news, learn more about Twitter’s recent breach and ransomware landing laboratories in hot water.

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thhe biggest insider threat of 2020 as represented by a fish hook snagging someones login credentials
June 26, 2020

Is Phishing The Biggest Insider Threat of 2020?

The biggest insider threat of 2020 isn’t a malicious act – it’s ignorance. A phishing email + a remote worker = disaster unless you’ve put this plan in place to stop it.

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data loss prevention represented by a cartoon burglar grabbing money that's shooting out of a computer screen
June 25, 2020

Data Loss Prevention is a Must to Avoid Rising Breach Penalties

Rising breach fines means that data loss prevention measures aren’t just important to save your data – they also save your bottom line. include these 3 effective data loss prevention tools in your plan.

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cybersecurity news as represented by a twinned image of a Guy Fawkes mask and a police shield.
June 24, 2020

The Week in Breach 06/17/20 – 06/23/20

This week’s cybersecurity news features an enormous breach of US law enforcement data spanning twenty years and two webinars to pump up your sales plus the new eBook “The State of the Dark Web 2020”.

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