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DragonTech helps businesses maintain a healthy, risk-free IT ecosystem with maximum uptime, security and efficiency. They take a proactive approach to cybersecurity that seeks to detect IT gaps and security risks in client infrastructures to minimize downtime and prevent security breaches. This approach has paid off in the level of protection they’ve delivered. They manage clients across the globe and industries, including serving many in the financial sector. DragonTech has built a reputation for offering comprehensive and robust cybersecurity solutions.

  • Company: DragonTech IT Services
  • Industry: Managed Service Provider
  • Location: Tennessee
  • Interviewed: Zoey Evans, CEO and Joshua Evans, CIO & CTO

“Some of the BullPhish ID phishing campaigns are so good that I've almost caught myself a couple of times and I'm the one who initiated them.”

Joshua Evans, CIO & CTO of DragonTech IT Services

The Challenge

In 2019 and 2020, when the world saw a significant rise in cyberattacks and double-extortion ransomware tactics, DragonTech recognized the need for cybersecurity solutions that could help them proactively monitor for threats and protect clients. Email security was especially critical for their operations.

DragonTech manages several high-visibility clients, including investment firms and bookkeepers, who experience attempted attacks on their systems daily. They had to find the best way to protect these clients. After attending an ID Agent webinar, DragonTech officially began their partnership with Kaseya.

Since then, they’ve leveraged almost all of Kaseya’s security solutions, like BullPhish ID, Graphus, Dark Web ID, Datto EDR and RocketCyber Managed SOC, in a natural progression toward enhancing their security capabilities and client protection.

Goals of the DragonTech and Kaseya business relationship

  • Proactively offer comprehensive protection to clients
  • Increase security awareness among clients
  • Streamline operations by seamlessly integrating solutions

The Solution

DragonTech initially deployed Ironscales for email security but found it challenging to manage, especially since it didn’t integrate well with their growing stack of Kaseya solutions. That’s why, when Kaseya announced the Graphus and BullPhish ID integration, DragonTech immediately switched to these solutions.

The BullPhish ID-Graphus “Drop-A-Phish” integration enabled DragonTech to create phishing simulation campaigns and place them directly into client mailboxes without the time-consuming whitelisting process. It offered an easy and effective way to help clients learn about cyber-risks by letting them make mistakes in a safe environment.

Joshua noted that some of BullPhish ID’s phishing simulations were so realistic that they nearly deceived him, even though he initiated them. He was glad BullPhish ID is on the right side of cybersecurity because some of its campaigns can trick even the savviest user.

Over time, DragonTech has added more of the Kaseya and Datto stack to their offerings, determining it to be the best way to increase their efficiency while boosting client protection.

In 2022, they signed up for Kaseya Managed SOC powered by RocketCyber, which they consider the best Kaseya product they have. The SOC team offers round-the-clock protection and has helped DragonTech quickly mitigate two potentially catastrophic client data breaches. They use every integration RocketCyber offers to seamlessly manage threat data from Microsoft 365, Graphus, VulScan and other solutions to have a complete view of client environments, including all endpoints, networks and the cloud.

More recently, DragonTech signed up for Datto EDR after testing it across several environments. They previously used other EDR solutions and found them lacking from either a threat-hunting or reporting perspective. They like that Datto EDR offers behavioral analysis, reporting of suspicious activity and visibility into an endpoint’s connections. It also provides comprehensive historical data and better threat-hunting capabilities than the previous EDR solution they were using.

Since DragonTech takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, they needed a solution like Datto EDR to identify threats early–like when spyware is communicating with a CNC server or a bad actor is scoping their client as a potential target–and respond to threats before accounts are compromised or a client falls prey to an attack.

Finally, Dark Web ID also serves as a prospecting tool for DragonTech to grow their client base. They use it to alert potential and existing clients to exposed credentials that present gaps in their defenses, which the MSP can then remedy.

Other Benefits from Partnering with Kaseya

The most significant benefit of partnering with Kaseya has been the deep integrations among its security and other IT solutions that have helped DragonTech increase their operational efficiency. They can view their client infrastructure on a single dashboard and take any required action.

DragonTech is also extremely pleased with the progress and innovation of Kaseya’s solutions. With BullPhish ID, for example, DragonTech can educate their clients and themselves about potential dangers more comprehensively than before.

They also get definitive roadmaps for Kaseya’s products at events like Kaseya Connect Global and quarterly product update
webinars, which help them plan better. DragonTech has been an active partner in the testing of beta features for several Kaseya products and was among the first five MSPs to implement and be certified on Kaseya VSA 10. As a proactive Kaseya partner, they learn about updates and new releases much sooner than others, enabling them to stay ahead of their competitors.

“Datto EDR allows us to get deep visibility into what is happening so we can identify threats early when a piece of spyware is communicating with a CNC server or scoping out the client to see if they're a target. We can catch them before the threat is activated, before any ransomware attack occurs and before any significant accounts are compromised. We're able to identify and stop threats out of the gate.”

Joshua Evans, CIO & CTO of DragonTech IT Services

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Looking Forward

DragonTech is excited about Datto EDR’s Ransomware Rollback feature. Most threat actors disable VSS shadow copies on a device before taking any action. This hampers the ability to recover backed-up data. However, Datto EDR’s Ransomware Rollback operates differently. Instead of utilizing the VSS shadow copies, the feature relies on its recording system to recover backed-up data in case of a ransomware attack or a data loss incident.

Kaseya’s solutions are comprehensive and seamlessly integrate with each other. They’ve enabled DragonTech to streamline workflows, increase operational efficiency and unify reports from Compliance Manager GRC, IT Glue, RocketCyber and other Kaseya solutions, saving time and providing complete visibility.

DragonTech has also been a beneficiary of Kaseya’s commitment to innovation. Kaseya’s updates and new releases solve real-world problems for MSPs. For DragonTech, there is much to be excited about as a Kaseya partner.

“We definitely recommend Kaseya's security products. No other company in the market offers such a comprehensive security stack with all these integrations. Unifying reports from Compliance Manager GRC, IT Glue and RocketCyber saves us time and complication and prevents us from missing things that other products would miss. For their sheer comprehensiveness, I recommend Kaseya's solutions.”

Joshua Evans, CIO & CTO of DragonTech IT Services
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