Iron Wolf Technology

Iron Wolf Technology (IWT) provides top-notch managed IT services to businesses of all sizes. They run a full-service operation, managing everything from client websites to entire IT infrastructures using Kaseya’s IT security and management solution lineup. IWT delivers customized solutions so clients can focus on expanding their business.

  • Company: Iron Wolf Technology
  • Industry: Managed Service Provider
  • Location: Yakima, WA
  • Originally Established: 2014
  • Re-established: 2023
  • Interviewed: Sam Carman, CEO

“I like Kaseya's solutions because they're a lot easier to use than many competitor solutions in the market. All the different things can easily be seen in one pane visually. It tells you what to click on and what to monitor. I like the visual approach with all the numbers. When a number increases, I can see it and take care of an issue.”

Sam Carman CEO, Iron Wolf Technology

The Challenge

IWT has major plans for growth. They manage around 40 endpoints at present but are looking to grow that number to 1,000 by the end of the year. It’s an aggressive growth plan that needs solutions that can help scale and optimize offerings to meet client needs.

Goals of the Iron Wolf Technology and Kaseya Business Relationship

  • Offer the best protection to clients
  • Reduce the cost of offering security services
  • Scale operations

The Solution

CEO Sam Carman has long admired Kaseya’s solutions, so much so that he got his previous MSP to switch to Kaseya as well.

At IWT, Sam has deployed most of Kaseya’s solutions: Datto EDR, RocketCyber Managed SOC, Graphus, Dark Web ID, BullPhish ID, IT Glue, Network Detective Pro, VulScan, Compliance Manager GRC, Datto RMM, Autotask PSA, Datto Commerce, Unitrends Backup and Spanning SaaS Backup.

IWT offers security services as part of three plans — Bronze, Gold and Platinum — so clients can choose the level of security they need and pay only for the services they choose.

The Platinum plan offers extra security by combining the powers of Managed SOC, Datto EDR and all the other solutions from Kaseya’s security suite that IWT offers. Gold and Bronze plans also include Datto EDR, along with other security solutions clients need.

Dark Web ID is part of all the plans, as it enables the MSP to be proactive and warn clients of compromised credentials so they can take preventive and remedial actions in time to avoid security breaches. Dark Web ID also generates automated dark web exposure reports that clients rely on and value.

Kaseya’s deep integrations and streamlined workflows help IWT monitor alerts and risks easily. They reduce the MSP’s overall cost of ownership for various solutions — IWT enjoys up to 90% margins on some of the Kaseya solutions. Plus, they save time and effort for technicians and enable IWT to offer better protection to their clients.

Other Benefits from Partnering with Kaseya

The most significant advantage of partnering with Kaseya has been the interoperability of solutions like Datto EDR, Datto RMM and Managed SOC that enabled IWT to view all the data they need visually in one pane. Having a clear view of the infrastructure they manage has helped them quickly detect and respond to issues.

Apart from that, IWT also has a dedicated point of contact on the Kaseya Account Management team, who has helped resolve issues round the clock, even late at night.

Finally, the integrations have been a real time saver. IWT replaced four competitor solutions with Kaseya products and discovered that it saved nearly two-thirds of the time they spent on routine weekly tasks. They’ve been able to use this time to grow sales and work toward other business goals.

“With RocketCyber, I can see all the data and everything the SOC team is trying to do. The fact that I can call 24/7 and get support if I need it is super helpful, especially when I have active incidents.”

Sam Carman CEO, Iron Wolf Technology

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Looking Forward

Kaseya’s IT security and management solutions have enabled IWT to reduce costs, save time and improve service delivery. The MSP hopes to build on this solid foundation by optimizing offerings, improving cybersecurity for clients and growing their client base.

Sam Carman is highly ambitious and hopes his MSP can manage 100,000 endpoints very soon.

“Having all solutions from Kaseya allows me to have a lower price. It allows me to offer better protection because I can have all the alerts go to one or two dashboards, so I don't accidentally miss anything.”

Sam Carman CEO, Iron Wolf Technology
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