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Data Breach Response Programs

shutterstock_279232433Suffered a Data Breach?

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We’ve supported the largest and most complex breach response program globally.  When the US Office of Personnel Management was compromised, they selected ID Agent’s parent company – Winvale to provide comprehensive identity and credit monitoring services to more than 4.2 Million individuals.

If a data breach occurs, ID Agent will activate your incident response plan immediately. We monitor the compromised data, detect any misuse, insure the livelihood of your customers and clients, and help restore their identity.


ID Agent solutions provide:

  • Immediate response to any potential employee data breach
  • Monitoring options for incidents when protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is involved
  • Branded turn-key breach portal priced on a per enrollment basis

Key Services

  • ID Agent Identity Monitoring
  • Pre-Breach Planning
  • Breach Program Management
  • Online and Phone Enrollment Services
  • Call Center Management

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