Graphus for Enterprise


Simple, Powerful, Automated Phishing Protection for Office 365 and G Suite

90% of cyberattacks that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. When a malicious message is headed for an employee’s inbox, every second counts to prevent that fatal click. Graphus is an innovative automated phishing defense solution for companies of all sizes. Using patented AI algorithm, Graphus detects and quarantines suspicious email fast — at a price that won’t keep you up at night.

Graphus is Always on Guard Against Phishing Threats, So You Don’t Have to Be

Graphus is your company’s set-it-and-forget-it automated guardian against malicious email. The powerful AI constantly learns and evolves with your organization to give you three additional layers of protection – and further strengthen your security posture.


TrustGraph® learns your company’s communication patterns to automatically detect and quarantine dangerous emails that get through email platform security or an existing Secure Email Gateway (SEG).


EmployeeShield® adds an interactive, customizable warning banner to questionable messages, alerting recipients to quarantine or mark them as safe with one click. 

Phish 911

Phish911™ empowers employees to bolster email security by enabling them to quarantine suspicious messages for IT to investigate. 

No Delays

No Receiving Delays
Graphus analyzes messages in real time, with no delay in email delivery. Safe messages are never quarantined.

Real-time reporting

Real-time Reporting
Simple remote management and real-time security metrics reporting from the Graphus Insights Dashboard enables you to act on detected threats fast.

Quick Deployment

Quick Deployment
Start protecting your organization instantly. No agents to install or email re-routing necessary.


Real-time Security Metrics Reporting
Insights Dashboard

Graphus Insights Dashboard allows your IT team to monitor your real-time security posture, enabling you to quickly investigate and take action on detected threats.

The reporting feature of the dashboard generates informative security metrics reports you can use in security briefings with the leadership.

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