Advanced Personal Identity and Credit Monitoring Service by ID Agent Available Exclusively through Partner Channel

October 10, 2017

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ID Agent’s SpotLight ID Allows MSPs, Resellers and Channel Partners to Deliver Comprehensive Personal Identity Protection for Clients’ Employees and Customers, Ultimately Safeguarding Corporate Systems

ID Agent, provider of Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions, has made its advanced, yet affordable personal identity and credit monitoring service, SpotLight ID™, available exclusively through the reseller channel. With the rise in Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, a dramatically increased risk that a client’s employees’ personal identity can be stolen and used to exploit the client’s cybersecurity defenses has resulted. By providing personal identity and credit monitoring to clients for their employees, a tax deductible benefit, MSPs extend defenses beyond their perimeter to their weakest link – their people.

“Customers, employees, key executives and high-risk personnel are often targeted and exploited on the Dark Web, the portion of the Internet that is hidden from conventional search engines, holding a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity,” said Dana Liedholm, VP Global Channel Programs at ID Agent. “With data breaches at a record high, ID Agent’s SpotLight ID is an opportunity for MSPs to provide identity protection to their customers at a fraction of what it would cost through the leading credit bureaus. As a result, the response to SpotLight ID so far from the MSP community has been amazing.”

Criminal organizations, hacktivists and social hackers obtain and sell hundreds of thousands of stolen credentials on the Dark Web daily. Employees are the greatest assets, but they can also serve as the largest vulnerability. When an employee’s information is compromised, hackers can socially engineer their way into a client’s systems. Additionally, SpotLight ID can also be offered as a benefit for employees and customers, as a value add to protect and retain executive team members, and as a comprehensive breach response for individuals impacted by compromise.

“I’m already helping to protect my customers with real-time domain monitoring provided by ID Agent’s stolen credential monitoring solution for businesses, Dark Web ID,” said Peter Verlezza, Managing Partner at SMB Networks. “By protecting the people who work for those customers with the affordable and government-tested personal identity monitoring SpotLight ID delivers, I know my customer’s business is that much safer from potential breach.”

SpotLight ID detects unauthorized access to your personal identity long before your credit bureau report is updated. Backed by ID Agent’s $1 million identity theft restoration policy, MSPs’ clients can proactively protect employees and customers while enhancing their overall cybersecurity awareness. ID Agent’s Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions are also being used by MSPs as a door opener to speak about other services and capabilities, showing customers how they can protect their most valuable asset – their digital identity.

“We are proud to be helping MSPs secure their customer’s business identity with our Dark Web ID solution,” said Kevin Lancaster, CEO of ID Agent. “Business owners and executives are starting to realize that helping to protect their employees’ personal identities should be a fundamental element of their overall cybersecurity initiatives, not just an employee benefit. Our partners are now able to offer our SpotLight ID personal and credit monitoring solutions as the next logical step toward securing their customer’s online presence. With high profile breaches occurring at alarming frequency, the timing is critical.”

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About ID Agent

ID Agent provides Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions, available exclusively through the reseller channel, to private and public organizations and millions of individuals at risk of cyber incidents. Its flagship product, Dark Web ID, delivers Dark Web intelligence to identify, analyze and monitor for compromised or stolen employee and customer data, mitigating exposure to enterprise clients’ most valuable asset – their digital identity. The company’s SpotLight ID provides personal identity protection and restoration for employees and customers while enhancing their overall cybersecurity awareness as well as further safeguarding corporate systems. For more information, visit: or go to LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.