ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #096 – For the Bottom Feeders

December 07, 2018

By ChannelPro Weekly

Joined by MSP Vince Tinnirello, of Anchor Network Solutions, Matt and Rich dive deep into the Datto-Autotask merger one year later, operational efficiency best practices, and marketing fundamentals. All of that’s preceded by a quick trip through some news from Zyxel, ID Agent, Lenovo, Scale Computing, and Schneider Electric, and accompanied by some shade-throwing at the folks—some might call them bottom feeders—who whine about vendors on Reddit all day. You know who you are.

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(You can hear about ID Agent from 09:10 to 12:25)

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Episode #: 096
Title: For the Bottom Feeders
Duration: 1:52:16
File size: 51.4MB
Regulars: Rich Freeman – Executive Editor, Matt Whitlock – Technology Editor
Special Guest: Vince Tinnirello