The Channel Futures Podcast No. 6: Equifax, Firemen and the Battle of Our Lifetime

October 03, 2017

By: T.C. Doyle, Channel Futures

On Tuesday Oct. 3, the disgraced CEO of Equifax, Richard Smith (below, right), was in Washington trying to explain to a House subcommittee how his company came to lose control of the personal information of nearly 150 million consumers. It did not go well.

Smith gave a fuzzy recollection of the timeline of the attack. He conceded that the company had inadequate business practices when it came to patches and more. Also, we learned that the company wasn’t big on encryption.

As you know, the breach was not only one of the worst cyber attacks in U.S. history, it was also one of the most botched examples of business leadership ever. For perspective, we turned to Octopi CTO Ian Trump (pictured left), ID AgentCEO Kevin Lancaster and Ipswitch thought leader Greg Mooney. Trump likened this breach to the 911 terror attacks and the defenders of data as firemen.

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