Vendor to Watch: ID Agent

January 22, 2018

By Rich Freeman

The sobering information that turns up when this vendor searches the “dark web” for purloined customer data can help MSPs win deals and sell more security services.

WONDERING WHAT CYBERCRIMINALS know about you? Asking around in the online underworld where hackers trade passwords and other stolen data is always an option. Having ID Agent check for you, though, might be a better idea. The Washington D.C.-based vendor probably knows a lot more than you do about navigating the so-called “dark web” safely.

Indeed, ID Agent security experts spend much of their day in the dark web, scooping up as many ill-gotten user records as they can get their hands on—over 6 billion of them this year alone.

“We’re looking at all the different areas where somebody might want to try to exploit or monetize data that they’ve extracted from something,” says CEO Kevin Lancaster.

The results of those searches can be sobering. End users read about breaches in the news all the time, Lancaster notes.

“When they see their actual email address and password, it becomes real,” he says, adding that customers often become significantly more receptive to installing better security software and conducting employee awareness training at that moment.

“[MSPs] can sell it as a monitoring service to their customer, but also bundle it with additional services,” Lancaster says of ID Agent’s flagship offering.

They can use it to differentiate themselves from competitors too, he continues. Channel pros who bring a list of compromised passwords with them to a sales pitch usually win the business.

Best of all, the subscription-based edition of ID Agent’s dark web service, which is sold to SMBs exclusively through the channel, is affordably priced.

“The pricing model that we came up with for the MSP space is very aggressive, to help them scale,” Lancaster explains. And better protect their customers too.

“A lot of folks just don’t understand the severity of the challenges out there,” Lancaster observes. Seeing, however, is believing.