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An estimated 90% of security breaches are caused by human error. With BullPhish ID, you can reduce your organization’s chance of experiencing a cybersecurity disaster by up to 70% with security awareness training that includes phishing simulation.

  • Add every employee to your security team with security awareness training that educates and
    empowers them to spot and stop phishing threats.
  • Automate training campaigns and reporting for stress-free, set-it-and-forget-it training that gets results.
  • Choose from a rich set of plug-and-play phishing simulation kits and video lessons accompanied by short quizzes — or easily create your own phishing emails and training courses.
  • Affordable one-stop security and compliance training scales to fit any business and budget.

Security Training Made Easy

Engaging Content

Plug-and-play phishing kits, short animated videos and online quizzes ensure that training reaches every employee no matter how tech-averse they are.

User-friendly, personalized training portal

Make security training painless and convenient for employees.

Customizable Materials

Customize phishing emails, sending domains and attachments to your needs to mimic industry-specific threats and increase training effectiveness.

Always-current training assets

Fresh phishing kits and videos are released monthly to reflect the current threat landscape and keep your employees on the lookout for trouble.

One of the things I love most about BullPhish ID is I don't have to babysit the product. If I do some work on a Monday, I might not have to touch it again for a couple weeks, because everything's automated. I feel like it's doing it automatically as I sleep, which is a good thing because an IT guy can't just be doing training all day. There's a lot on our plate. So, any product that I don't have to babysit is a great product.

John Masci System Administrator // Canisius High School, Buffalo, NY
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