Rapid ID Response allows our MSP Partners to help customers quickly respond to increasingly complex cyber threats. Implementing our incident response plan will ensure compliance with new and evolving privacy and breach response laws, saving time and money.

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ENSURE COMPLIANCE With evolving regulations

As of July 2018, all 50 US states have implemented laws requiring companies to adhere to data privacy and breach notification standards. Additionally, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act impose harsh fines and penalties on companies failing to comply or demonstrate willful neglect when it comes to protecting customer, patient and employee PII data. With Rapid ID Response, Partners are able to simplify complex reporting requirements, quickly begin incident response to keep associated costs low, and increased customer peace of mind.

External Threat Monitoring

To detect stolen credential data for sale on the Dark Web that could be used to exploit an organization.

Incident Response Playbook

To identify internal and external Incident Response Team members and document procedures.

Notification & Response Support

To determine if, when and how the organization must notify regulatory agencies and individuals of a cyber incident.

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