Guarding the Gate: How to protect your MSP and your client's data with Passly

Password Loss, Reuse, and Compromise are a Constant IT Pain Point.

Last year, 81% of data breaches were caused by a compromised password. What’s worse, 91% of users understand the risk of password reuse but 59% do it anyway. Your clients need a solution that can solve this problem quickly and you need a way to secure their data without breaking the bank.

We’ve got you covered. Our digital risk protection platform offers reliable, cost-effective solutions that conquer today’s security challenges to solve your client’s problems fast and increase your MRR. It’s CRITICAL to select the RIGHT secure identity & access management platform to protect your MSP – and that is the power that ID Agent can provide.

ID Agent’s Passly™ allows IT teams to easily, simply, and affordably enable the right people to have the right access to the right resources– all from the right devices and locations. Passly provides the most comprehensive and affordable solution to enable security, compliance, and efficiency.

Join Director of Product Jeremy Malin on a webinar to learn why it’s more important than ever to select the right secure identity & access management platform – and we’ll share proven, practical tips on how to streamline secure access.

You’ll Learn

  • The latest Secure Identity & Access Management trends how you can protect your MSP and your customers
  • Details about our newly updated platform featuring Secure Password Management, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and more
  • Why over 3,000 MSPs in 30+ countries are using ID Agent
  • How ID Agent Partners realize ROI in 30 days or less

Watch the Webinar

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