The Phish Files

Get the Facts About Today’s Biggest Cybercrime Threat: Phishing

Phishing scams lurk around every corner, waiting to strike when you least expect it. In our new eBook “The Phish Files” we’ll take you inside the battle with phishing to give you the latest intelligence on the types of phishing threats that your business is facing, with expert advice on how to spot them and stop them. You’ll also get an in-depth exploration of how phishing has changed in 2020 and why that makes it a cybersecurity supervillain including:

  • Specific profiles for popular types of phishing scams including the setup, the lures, the cybercriminal goal, examples of that scam, and the damage that comes from a successful attack.
  • The facts about phishing-related cybercrime and its relationship to the Dark Web.
  • A look at why phishing is an eternally popular category of cybercrime and how it’s growing.
  • Solutions that will help you fight back against phishing to protect your data and your business

Don’t miss this chance to get the latest intelligence from the world of phishing related cybercrime and get the insight that you need to defeat phishing for good!

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