Ransomware 101: Mitigation & Preventative Measures

Don’t Just Tell Your Clients About Ransomware Threats – Show Them How Serious Ransomware Really Is!

Just the word “ransomware” is enough to give any IT professional chills. But the danger of ransomware threats and the devastation that a successful ransomware attack leaves in its wake is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it first hand. Plus, in a challenging economy, your clients are inclined to cut spending, not increase it to be ready for a problem that they think they might never have, even though you know it’s just a click away.


So how can you clearly demonstrate to non-IT professional clients the potential for disaster that they face as ransomware threats continue to climb, and why they need to take action now to protect their organization from disaster?  Use this book.

  • Ransomware 101 distills the threat and the damage into bite-sized pieces with simple, clear facts that make it easy to understand
  • Examples of the danger that every company faces from ransomware show that cybersecurity spending isn’t the place to cut corners
  • See recommended mitigations and preventative measures with simple explanations of how and why they work

Don’t go into another meeting without the data you need to turn cutbacks into add-on sales. Download “Ransomware 101” and get the right facts now!

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