Stolen Customer Data Monitoring - ID Agent

Secure Customer Accounts Susceptible to Takeover.

ID Agents’ Automated Monitoring Platform detects stolen customer credentials and seamlessly implements security countermeasures to mitigate fraudulent activities.

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Why use ID Agent to enhance Customer Data Security?

Whether you are an online retailer, healthcare provider, government agency or specifically tasked with protecting customer data, the dramatic increase in 3rd party data breaches is making the job of securing customer accounts increasingly difficult.

From website scripting to slow and low access attempts, maliciously minded individuals are using blind spots to exploit your customer accounts, commit fraud and damage brands.

How Does ID Agent Help Customer Data Security?

ID Agent automates the detection of compromised data to help you quickly identify which customer accounts are most susceptible to compromise and automate security countermeasures.


Real-time Notifications

Specify who should be notified and how often the notifications should be sent when an alert is received.

Automated Account Resets

Protect your customer’s accounts by automatically resetting passwords or disabling accounts when a compromise is detected.

Automated Risk Identification

Simplified configuration tool allows security to capture, assess, and discreetly act on compromised data.

Threat Intelligence & Reporting

Sophisticated reporting tools categorize threats and the identified source.

Simplified Access to Multiple Data Sources

Easily connect to multiple user-defined data sources through a single interface.

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The largest private and public sector organizations globally rely on Dark Web ID to provide actionable stolen credential data to make informed decisions.

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