Cybersecurity Services: The Good

December 11, 2018

by Rob Boles, BlokWorx

ID Agent Partner Rob Boles, of BLOKWORX provides the first in a 3-part series on Cybersecurity in the VAR insights guest column

I’ve spent the past 20 years in information technology — the entirety in managed services — listening to client’s questions, concerns, objectives, insights, and, ultimately, assisted them in achieving their desired. Each of those 20 years security was top of mind.

You see, for those who I have not had the privilege of meeting yet, security has been my thing since day one, it’s in my DNA. Potentially a blessing as well as a curse … I frequently joke no one wants to talk with me at social gatherings because the conversation will at some point turn to cybersecurity. The reality of cybersecurity, though it sounds cool, is it can be a dark, unsettling conversation. Let’s be candid, the majority of humans want to live in their bliss.

When I started BLOKWORX, three pillars were identified which are weighed in everything we do: security, reliability, and positive user experience. It was organic and natural, but in late 2006 when the idea to create a service provider began circling, and well into the years of being in business, the SMB space was not yet embracing cybersecurity.

Clients and owners of MSPs would scoff at my insistence of securing technology environments, saying things such as:

  • What do I have anyone would want?
  • My clients won’t pay for that and the owner says we don’t have any budget for security.
  • I know you exist in a play hard or go home approach Rob, but can we make a concession here anywhere?

Often times my follow up would be to ask if the person locks their car or their home when they leave it. Why? Because if you have nothing of interest, why the effort? But I digress …

What is going on in cybersecurity as we head down the homestretch of 2018 and transition into 2019? Great question. In the context of the channel and after a year on the road, following are some observations as to what’s good, what needs some work, and what’s missing.

Diversity In The Workforce
Women are more present in cybersecurity and IT in general, creating and contributing on all levels. Statistically, a common reference point for diversity in the industry is a 2013 Frost and Sullivan report which found women make up 11 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce. However, a 2018 Cybersecurity Ventures study puts the number at greater than 20 percent, a favorable trend.

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