Anti-Phishing Software to Protect You from Email Attacks and Spam

Graphus is an advanced anti-phishing solution that helps you protect your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email by using AI to stop both known and zero-day threats.

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Protect Your Inboxes From
Advanced Email Threats

Graphus is an automated email security platform that helps you protect every employee inbox from email-borne attacks and fraud.
Our patented AI stops Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO) and other dangerous cyber attacks.

Deploy in Minutes

Activate Graphus in just 3 clicks to start shielding your organization from email attacks.

Stop Advanced Email Attacks

Detect and block malicious emails before your employees can interact with them.

Automated Alerts and Defense

Get instant threat alerts, automated quarantine and streamlined investigation to ease your IT admin’s burden.

Personal Spam Filter

Graphus lets users block unwanted emails with one click and tailors spam protection based on their preferences.

Phishing 101: How to Protect
Against Phishing Attacks

Delve into the world of phishing, the strategies of cyber criminals and our suggested safeguards. With 85% of all cyberattacks starting with phishing, it is an eternally popular and growing category of cybercrime. Do you know how to defend against attacks?

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Discover The Power of Our
Anti-Phishing Software

Advanced AI Email Security Advanced AI Email Security

Automatically protect against phishing, adjust to new threats and prevent attacks from reaching your users. Graphus’ AI technology helps you detect and respond to advanced threats before they do any damage.

Email Warning Banner Email Warning Banner

Help users spot suspicious messages with our interactive EmployeeShield email banner. Graphus explains why a message may be a threat and gives users the ability to report phishing or mark it as safe in one click.

Automatic Alerts & Quarantine Automatic Alerts & Quarantine

Automatically quarantine suspicious emails with Graphus to maximize your security without additional IT workload. Receive instant alerts when attacks are quarantined.

Effortless Cloud Deployment Effortless Cloud Deployment

Deploy in minutes to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API. With Graphus, there are no time-consuming configurations or email traffic rerouting.

Intuitive Security Reporting Intuitive Security Reporting

Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your email security, risk levels and types of attacks. Our reports have a beautifully designed layout that simplifies data understanding.

User-Friendly Admin Portal User-Friendly Admin Portal

Easily monitor for suspicious messages and investigate them safely in our management portal. You can adjust settings and remove malicious emails for all recipients in one click.

Graphus’ Recent Innovations
in Email Security

We are dedicated to driving forward email security innovations. We aim to provide cutting-edge features and capabilities that enhance your organizations’ security and streamline your workflows.


See How Graphus Works

Graphus is an automated anti-phishing software solution that protects your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email. Graphus puts three advanced layers of security between email attacks and your organization.

  • TrustGraph automatically detects and quarantines malicious emails
  • EmployeeShield adds warning banners to suspicious messages to encourage users to use additional caution
  • Phish911 empowers users to report suspicious emails for IT to review
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Anti-phishing protection is the security measures that organizations take to prevent or mitigate a phishing attack. This can be provided by email security software that can do things like stop the delivery of email to an end user by placing malicious messages into quarantine.
A quality anti-phishing solution offers an array of benefits like:
  • Clear, real-time threat data
  • Fast, accurate alerts to IT admins
  • A thorough message analysis
  • Automated productivity tools that make management easy
  • Tools to help users make better decisions
  • Warnings at the top of messages to alert users of potential danger
  • An easy way for users to report a phishing attempt or mark a message as safe
  • A minimal false positive rate
  • Constant accuracy improvement

There are a number of techniques that IT professionals employ to defend organizations from phishing. Security awareness training can help make employees more aware of phishing-related threats. Phishing simulators are also an effective way to train employees to spot phishing red flags.

Organizations also use a variety of email security tools to filter out suspicious email messages. Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) were once the most popular choice, but technology has changed since their inception. Some organizations also rely on the built-in security that comes with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. One of the most effective and affordable ways for companies to reduce phishing risk is to opt for an AI-powered email security solution that can block phishing messages before employees can interact with them.

The core of Graphus’ protection is a patented AI technology that analyzes historical and real-time communication patterns to protect you against highly sophisticated social engineering and zero-day attacks. Graphus applies this protection in three layers — it automatically quarantines malicious emails, warns recipients of suspicious emails via dynamic banners and allows recipients to report questionable emails to the IT administrator for investigation.