Powered Services Pro for MSPs

Supercharge Your Sales & Marketing

We are your partner in going to market with cybersecurity solutions and closing deals. From monthly integrated marketing campaigns to sales coaching and access to industry experts, we equip your MSP to thrive.

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Benefits of Powered Services Pro

Coaching MSPs into Greater MRR

We help you effectively market your services to current and prospective customers as well as overcome sales objections and earn new business.

Monthly Marketing Campaigns

Each month, you get a complete Security marketing kit that’s ready to brand and launch. Just add your logo and contact information, then start posting and sharing content with prospective customers.

Get Original Source Files

Take our knowledge and research and make it your own. Powered Services Pro customers gain access to the working source files of every piece of Pro content we produce.

Quarterly Workshops

Access live, interactive workshops with industry experts who dive into key sales and marketing topics, such as LinkedIn, webinars, website SEO, and Facebook.

Coaching & Goal Assist

Get a dedicated success coach to actively help you and your team implement a winning sales and marketing program and draw out winning plays to score new MRR.

Coaching MSPs
Monthly Marketing Campaigns
Source Files included
Quarterly Workshops
Coaching and Goal Assist
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