Swipe Left To Find The Perfect Password Relationship

February 03, 2020

By David Winder, Forbes

There has, it must be said, been one heck of a lot of password usage research over the years. The world’s top 100 worst passwords ranked, which saw 12345 topping the list but outliers such as zinch and g_czechout making the top ten, for example. Or how about the 32 passwords you definitely shouldn’t use unless you want to get hacked, that featured a largely numerical top ten with only 1qaz2wsx bucking that trend? These lists are more helpful than you might imagine, not least as they help spread awareness of the dangers of using common credentials, which can be cracked quicker than you can say “holy hackers, Batman.” The latest research to cross my virtual desk involved an analysis of a randomized data set consisting of more than 1 billion credential combos from dark web sources. So far, so run of the mill. However, rather than just list the most used passwords, this research dug a little deeper. What it found was that far too many people effectively swipe right when selecting their passwords when, in fact, they should be swiping left for a more secure login relationship.

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