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Congratulations to Our Partners Who Won 2020 Techie Awards!

August 28, 2020
the 2020 Techie Awards, sponsored by Bitedefender at Connect IT Global in pink neon on a blue background

We’re so proud that two of our Partners won 2020 Techie Awards, we’ve just got to spread the news!

As our awesome annual event CONNECT IT GLOBAL wraps up, last night’s 2020 Techie Awards gala served as the perfect closing ceremony. In addition to music, entertainment, and fun, Kaseya hosted the Techie Awards, honoring excellence in the Channel. We’re proud to congratulate two of our ID Agent partners on their achievements that scored 2020 Techie awards!

LAN INFOTECH – 2020 Winner: MSP Community Award

Our partner LAN Infotech was honored for their incredible community and charitable outreach efforts. The GIFT (Grant Intelligence Funding Team) at LAN Infotech helps charitable organizations find the funding that they need to serve their community.

Many non-profits have trouble paying for their essential cybersecurity and technology needs, especially in a challenging economy. No one wants to take money away from programs that help communities in need to pay for cybersecurity. GIFT connects non-profits with grant funding that they can use to improve their technology and cybersecurity, enabling them to spend more time doing good work and less time maintaining outdated technology.

LAN Infotech is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This multi-award winning MSP has been serving clients in diverse industries including healthcare organizations, law firms, non-profits, real estate agencies, and other small and medium businesses for more than 20 years.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers – 2020 Winner: IT Admin Efficiency Award

One of our healthcare sector Partners has been recognized for their mastery of using their resources efficiently to maximize on the benefits of technology and cybersecurity spending for their organization and their clients. Congratulations, Pinnacle Treatment Centers!

In a challenging economy, making every dollar count when budgeting for technology and cybersecurity spending is vital. Pinnacle Treatment Centers uses technology to provide essential information, resources, and support to help families and communities break free from the damaging legacy of trauma that can last for generations.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers are located in CA, GA, IN, KY, NJ, OH, PA, and VA and provide a full continuum of care for people that are affected by one of today’s most serious health scourges. Their treatment centers are established where they’re needed the most, with many located in rural and hard-hit areas, providing hope and healing for families and communities that have been devastated by substance misuse and dependence disorders.

Congratulations everyone in the Channel who was recognized for outstanding achievement at the 2020 Techie Awards!