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Introducing Next-Level Secure Identity & Access Management With Passly

April 07, 2020

Companies of every size are under pressure to rapidly adjust the way that they do business in the new, more remote world – and cybersecurity has never been more mission-critical. Using the right tools to secure systems and data and prevent a costly breach is the key to thriving in a challenging landscape. 

 That’s why we’re proud to introduce Passly, our new, comprehensive solution for secure identity and access management. This next-generation tool checks off all the boxes on today’s IT security wish list: it’s easy to use, quick to deploy, extremely affordable, and painlessly scales to companies of any size. 

 Ideally suited for a remote workforce, Passly enables IT staffers to give the right people access to the right things in a flash, simply and securely, with essential features baked right in including:

  • Secure Password Management – Shared Password Vaults allow techs to quickly manage and store all types of passwords for machines, networking, applications, and websites. 
  • Single Sign-On – A single login can provide secure access to 3rd party tools and critical business applications from anywhere and can be easily adjusted for the needs of every user. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Add a critical security feature immediately with methods such as push-notifications, one-time passwords, or U2F devices. 
  • Dark Web Alerts – Dark Web exposure alerting warns you about compromised accounts, so you have actionable insight into risk.  
  • Speedy Deployment – Add a critical defensive measure that can be rapidly scaled to fit any company in minutes instead of days  
  • Affordability – Get enterprise-level functionality and an arsenal of tools to combat cybercrime at a budget-friendly price 

Don’t wait until cybercriminals strike – get Passly now for the secure identity and access management solution that MSPs and SMBs need to make remote work safer and more efficient right now while perfectly positioning them to be ready for the threats of tomorrow.