Goal Assist™ is an expansion of our White Glove Support that includes hands-on assistance with your direct sales interactions. Let us help to ensure you are getting the most from your Partnership selling Dark Web ID™. ID Agent’s Partner Success Team will set you up for the win!


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Why Goal Assist?

Let our team assist your team with hitting their goals!

Sales Meetings

We can now virtually attend your sales meetings by web conference or phone to help you sell Dark Web ID Monitoring. Let us help to drive home that YOU are the subject matter expert and help educate your current or potential client.

Sales Training

Allow us to help your Sales team hit the ice with the right message and the confidence to sell cyber security, with tips and tricks to overcome objections, plus role play practice sessions.


Let us be your special guest to help educate your current and prospective clients on the threats that are out there today. Let’s drive home the importance of monitoring for exposed credentials!


Our dedicated Team can help you land the big fish! Through our Selling to Enterprise Businesses training program, we can help you feel confident walking into a pitch presentation with large enterprise and increase your chance of closing it.

Recorded Video

Pre-recorded segments that are brandable for you to use at Live Events, Webinars, PowerPoints, etc. will cover different topics and position you as the subject matter expert.

Event Support

Our team can help you prepare for a Lunch & Learn, Seminar, Webinar, Golf Outing, Chamber of Commerce event, or whatever you can dream up. We’ll share with you what has worked for some of our most successful Partners.

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