Iconic IT Announces Partnership with Kaseya (ID Agent)

July 24, 2020

Kaseya (ID Agent) to Provide Dark Web Monitoring Services for Iconic IT and its Clients

After evaluating hundreds of vendors to find the perfect solutions for our clients, Iconic IT is excited to announce its partnership with Kaseya (ID Agent) as a valuable addition to our managed services platform.
Iconic IT re-assesses vendor products and services on a regular basis. Our clients rely on us to provide the best enterprise-grade technologies that also meet the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. On behalf of our clients, we strive to continuously find the very best products and services available in the industry.

Iconic IT CEO Mike Fowler is looking forward to a long partnership with Kaseya (ID Agent), explaining:

“We strive to move from “approved vendor” to “productive partnerships”. This requires aligning goals and investing in each other’s success. When working in the best interest of our industry and our customers we create a win, win, win relationship. Our ability to sell our managed service offerings at a price point and go to market with a better value proposition is greater because of Kaseya (ID Agent). By partnering with Kaseya (ID Agent), we are truly Better Together. We are grateful for your investment in our success.”

Iconic IT Director of Technology Matt Lee agrees, adding:

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Kaseya (ID Agent) because they align with our security core values. We asses our chosen third-party vendor’s ability to solve a need, have appropriate pricing, and their desire to be an active partner to improve the value of our business as well as our clients’ businesses. Kaseya (ID Agent) meets and exceeds our expectations for our dark web monitoring security services.”

Iconic IT is a growing MSP featuring only the best-in-class technologies and solutions for their clients, with offices throughout Texas, New York, Colorado, Florida, and Kansas. Iconic IT works closely with their vendors, seeking the best technologies and software for small to medium-sized IT concerns.

Visit www.iconicit.com for more information.