Kaseya: COVID-19 and the unknown threat to cybersecurity

March 26, 2020

By Marie-Claude Rouleau, eChannel News

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is bringing new cybersecurity challenges to IT professionals as companies try to respond to the implications of an explosion in telework. This new way of doing business creates a new threat environment that many cybersecurity plans didn’t have factored into the equation.

With no clear end in sight for the Coronavirus pandemic, companies are faced with an urgent need to improve their defense against cyberattacks. Immediately adopting effective training tools to give staffers a crash course in repelling common cyberattacks and rapidly deploying solutions that are agile enough to keep up with a swiftly changing threat landscape are two steps that companies can take to rapidly shore up their defenses.

Listen to the full interview for more insight from ID Agent CEO and General Manager of Security Services at Kaseya, Kevin Lancaster.