Kaseya: IT Complete MSP Platform Recoups ‘Wasted Money’

March 02, 2020

“What we’re really trying to do is solve for all that space in between. All that time a technician is wasting on retrieving passwords, looking up documentation, that is the focus of IT Complete. Retrieving that wasted money for an MSP,” said Matt Solomon, vice president of business development with Kaseya.

By O’Ryan Johnson, CRN

MSPs said the industry has been calling out for exactly the product that Kaseya has assembled with IT Complete, a full suite of all the tools a solution provider needs to run a managed services business.

“I think Kaseya is definitely a front-runner here in terms of how they’re looking at it. I think you’re going to see others trend the same way,” said Jack Skinner, president of Oversee My IT out of Dallas, who uses three of the company’s products currently. “It is something that MSPs have struggled with for a long time. All the different tool sets, the silos, the segmentation. We’re on a PSA [Professional Services Automation] tool that was sold to us based on the idea that it was going to get us away from the silos, but then you get into it and you realize you still have to bolt on 15 other products that don’t talk to each other, don’t have the integrations they need, don’t have the information sharing, the automation between them, so that’s a real challenge.”

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