Digital Risk Protection

DRP Cycle protect trade secrets from cybercriminals


ID Agent combines Passly’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO) and Password Management (PM) with Dark Web Monitoring and Security Training & Testing to provide a comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Platform.

A full Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution involves security education and testing, identity & access management of users, and monitoring for exposure risk from the Dark Web. ID Agent provides the most comprehensive platform for any size organization to protect and respond to actionable insight, in order to mitigate disruption. Built with multi-tenant functionality, the platform allows you to support internal employees, deploy to various business groups or manage multiple customers

The Right People

The Right People
Your employees and customers are your greatest assets. But they can also be the greatest point of risk to an organization’s digital assets.

Tested and Trained

Tested & Trained
Implementing a programmatic Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing schedule is the first layer in ID Agent’s comprehensive DRP solution. Regular repetition of concepts helps to change risky behavior and increase cyber awareness.

Secure Access

Securely Accessing
Authentication policies are enforced using MFA for Windows Login, Remote Logins, and more. You’ll know who is logging in, when they log in, and from where they log in.

Access anywhere

The Right Cloud Applications and Machines
Enable secure access to third-party tools and critical business applications using SSO, which provides another layer of security. Sign in once to seamlessly access all applications, eliminating password re-use and helping to prevent exploit.

The Right Privileges

The Right Privileges
ID Agent’s DRP includes secure management and storage of credentials for personal or shared accounts, complete with password rotation. Eliminate passwords from falling in the hands of hackers and enforce strong password hygiene.

Constantly Monitored for Compromise

Constantly Monitored for Compromise
Discover compromised credential counts from users on the domain via Dark Web ID integration. Increased situational awareness and actionable insight help you identify weak areas and better protect against the real dangers of Dark Web exposure.

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