5 Proven, Practical Steps to Close New Security Business


Secure your customers, build out your security stack, and increase your MRR; that is the power of ID Agent.

Your customers NEED more security, we will help DRIVE you to the sale.

Unfortunately, data breaches usually start with compromised credentials sold on the dark web.

ID Agent’s Dark Web report provides you the PROOF to show your customers why they need to implement your security stack. The Dark Web Report along with Phishing Simulations data from BullPhish ID make these conversations so much easier to have.

Join VP of Business Development Matt Solomon on a webinar to learn why it’s more important than ever to offer Dark Web Monitoring and Phishing Simulations & Security Awareness Training to your customers – and we’ll share proven, practical tips on how to close new security business with ID Agent.

You’ll Learn

  • Why over 3,000 MSPs in 30+ countries are using ID Agent
  • How the award-winning Powered Services marketing and sales resource platform is helping new Partners realize ROI in 30 days or less
  • Real examples of innovative ways MSPs have leveraged ID Agent’s Customer Success team to win new business – from lunch n’ learns and golf sponsorships to virtual wine tastings and Chamber of Commerce webinars and more
  • How to overcome objections and have meaningful security conversations, leading with dark web exposure reports.

Watch the Webinar

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