Build a Strong Cybersecurity Culture with BullPhish ID

Give Us 15 Minutes to Show You How to Transform Employees into Security Assets

Only 16% of employees can recognize cyber threats. Without the knowledge that they need to identify security problems, untrained employees are a ticking time bomb. We can help you ensure that every employee knows that they’re on the security team. In this 15-minute demo, you’ll learn about BullPhish ID’s unbeatable features including:

  • The ability to train your way easily with plug-and-play or fully customizable security and compliance training.
  • How BullPhish ID makes training easy with insightful reporting that demonstrates the results and value as well as personalized, user-friendly training portals for every user.
  • Industry-leading phishing simulations to reduce the chance of businesses suffering cyberattacks like ransomware and business email compromise.
  • The amazing ROI and other budget-friendly benefits of security and compliance training

Watch the Webinar

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