Clobber Phishing Risk with a BullPhish ID Dynamic Duo

Stop Phishing Attack in Its Tracks

Regular security awareness training is one of the most effective weapons against phishing. Explore how training with videos and quizzes combined with training employees with phishing simulations is a winning tactic.

Reducing phishing risk doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive when you choose a phishing simulator & security awareness training in one powerhouse solution. The two affordable, effective security-boosting heroes within the BullPhish ID solution are the perfect team to help your clients defeat phishing threats.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why training that combines security awareness training with phishing simulations dramatically slashes employees’ chances of falling for a phishing lure.
  • The full picture of why security awareness training is a top IT investment.
  • How to increase your revenue and rev up your security business with BullPhish ID.

Watch the Webinar

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