Customer Spotlight: Cloud Tech 24

Cloud Tech 24 Leveraged ID Agent Solutions to Gain Threat Intelligence That Impressed Clients & Prospects

Cloud Tech 24 did not have viable tools to validate compromised credentials or discover other client vulnerabilities from dark web sources, limiting their ability to see what dangers their clients might face. That made it challenging to demonstrate their true dark web risk to clients and prospects or recommend security improvements to reduce risk. ID Agent’s digital risk protection platform helped Cloud Tech 24 find the data that they needed to secure their clients, wow their prospects and expand their security business.

Let us warn you that this is a ‘warts and all’ session – no one was pulling any of their punches. You’ll hear all about the blockers experienced by Cloud Tech 24 and a frank assessment of how ID Agent solutions helped Cloud tech 24 overcome them.

During this session John O Mahony, Solution Specialist, ID Agent and Andrew Dale, Technical Director at Cloud Tech 24  <www.CloudTech24.com > will give you the lowdown on:

  • The security intelligence challenges that Cloud Tech 24 was experiencing before they partnered with ID Agent
  • How the process of setup, implementation, and  transfer of documentation and information into ID Agent’s tools really works
  • The impact of using ID Agent’s solutions to transform their security business and reach new heights of success

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