Cybercrime Undercover: Inside Real Security Stings

Defeat Cybercriminals and Kick Hackers to the Curb!

Hear real stories of cybercrime from the people who were there fighting back – and winning! In this webinar, Cybercrime Undercover: Inside Real Security Stings, you’ll learn exactly how they did it. Join the legendary Tony Sales, King Con and ID Agent’s Ameilia Paro for a unique, illuminating webinar that takes you inside cybercrime stings at organizations in every walk of life.

You’ll discover:

  • How Tony stole 30 million pounds through cybercrime and walked away scot-free
  • What vulnerabilities his cybersecurity professionals see the most in cybercrime stings
  • The truth about ferreting out cybercriminals in your own organization and the damage they can do

Watch the Webinar

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