Leverage LinkedIn to Build and Strengthen Relationships During Quarantine

Leverage Linkedin

Learn the essential methods you need to help build and deepen relationships with partners, prospects, and clients.

We don’t need to explain that it is an unprecedented period — and one that has created a new daily reality when it comes to our work environments. While remote work has been steadily increasing over time, entire workforces have gone remote overnight. And we’ve heard from many of our partners that this sudden shift, without much preparation, has been a hard adjustment. Whether you’re juggling how to entertain toddlers indoors or trying not to open the fridge for the third time before lunch… we’re right there with you.

Amidst new routines, you might still be shooting for the same goals as you had in an in-person setting. But here’s the truth: remote work is different than being in the office. And it’s important that you learn new tools to achieve those old goals which — yes — can be totally intimidating. It’s why our teams at ID Agent and Social Sales Link have partnered up; we’re shifting our focus to be a meaningful resource for remote workers.

In this online class, Matt Solomon from ID Agent is joined by Brynne Tillman, LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO, and Sally Jo Lamont, EVP Training and Development for Social Sales Link. They cover all of the essential tools you need to help build and deepen relationships with partners, prospects, clients, and CIOs. You will learn how to:

  • Create connections through thoughtful and accessible practices
  • Drive conversations with empathy and collaboration at heart
  • Spark long-term discussions that resonate most during this time

In difficult times, it’s important that we all recognize that we’re playing for the same team – and that the only way to win is to work together to help everyone thrive in a changed world.

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