FREE Password Education Package!

Password Education package

FREE Password Education Kit

Are you still trying to convince your clients how bad their passwords are and how easily they can be hacked? This package can help!

We’ve put together this FREE Password Education Package for you to easily put into action today.

You’ll find inside this package: Building Better Passwords Whitepaper, 5 Social Media Graphics, a Top 50 Worst Passwords List, and a Password Score Card!

We’ve created this meaty Free Password Education Package for you to share with your clients the answers to these important questions and challenges every businesses face:

  • Why people are still failing miserably when it comes to password length and complexity?
  • Why you need to take a closer look at user behavior when creating passwords.
  • How password behaviors lead to predictability and potential exploits.

You’re about to discover how MSPs can obtain maximum password protection for their clients.

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