Phishing Confidential: Offense and Defense Playbooks of a Phishing Attack Revealed

Use Hacker Secrets to Protect Your Clients from Phishing

Today’s most frightening cybersecurity fact is that 90% of cyberattacks that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. Fast-moving, fast-evolving phishing threat can seem hard to pin down when you’re making a defensive strategy- but we’ve got you covered.

Go inside a hacker’s playbook to see how a phishing attack is born and launched. See the strategies and tricks that hackers use to conduct successful phishing attacks. Then learn simple, effective defensive tactics that can help keep systems and data safe from phishing-related cyberattacks.

You’ll Hear From

  • ID Agent Security Analyst Duncan Miller will demonstrate live how phishing-related cyberattacks endanger businesses
  • Co-founder and CEO of Graphus Manoj Srivastava will show you how to defend your businesses from phishing-related cyberattack danger

Learn the secrets of phishing-based cybercrime and how you can help clients fight back in this unique webinar.

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