4 Ways to Safeguard Your Clients from Ransomware Attacks

Let’s Get to Work on Your Ransomware Defense!

Ransomware is today’s nastiest threat and 2 in 5 businesses will see it up close and personal this year. You’d certainly prefer if none of your clients are counted in that number for 2021, and we can help with that.

ID Agent’s Amelia Paro and Miles Walker from Graphus bring you a webinar that gives you an edge in keeping your clients safe. In “4 Ways to Safeguard Your Clients from Ransomware Attacks” you’ll learn:

  • Why dark web monitoring is your secret weapon against cybercrime
  • What you can do to train everyone like they’re part of the security team
  • The one single tool that stops 99% of cybercrime that uses a phished password
  • How automated email security prevents employee mistakes that result in disasters

Watch the Webinar

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